Episode VII: Star Wars, Power Wars (3/17/17)

Our rebels, Brigitte, Emily and Stew are joined by their intrepid friend Brandon for the Episode VII of Pop Politics. This small group of rebels first ventures into the opulent castle where resides the Beast and his Beauty to explore actor appearances and discuss their journey to the south later that night in order to experience the castle themselves.  Stew enlightens the crew as to the existence of a new movie trailer, Coco. A small moment was spent considering the future of Saturday Night Live and then Brandon and Brigitte made the leap into hyperspace only to arrive in a galaxy far, far away.

Once their task in the world of pop culture was completed our rascally band of rebels hops worlds into the land of man on man word wars. Spying microwaves make an extended appearance but are soon vanquished by out undeterred heroes. Solving the world’s problems tries to make an appearance, but that is a longer affair so we leave our heroes there for a moment and travel to Foggy Bottom, where this world’s adventure concludes.

Brandon then picks a fight with a corporate giant and the trustworthy rebels back his play.




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