D.C. Comics (3/30/17)

There are two kinds of D.C. Comics, the happy kind and the very sad kind. We get to talk about both.

We talk about Disney for a minute, and then spend the bulk of our pop culture time discussing DC Comics new movies and TV shows. Stew wraps it up with a few *short* sports moments.

We move on to the D.C. Comics and the “progress” in the Trump presidency. Kushner, Ivanka, the Healthcare Bill, Nunes, Tillerson. Lots of people, lots to talk about, Lots of news. Some of it good, some of it sparking a nuclear weapons lecture from Brigitte because she is a nerd.

For this weeks soapbox, Emily talks the situation with the homeless developing in Salt Lake county.


Also in honor of Spiderman and the Washington monument please enjoy this picture Brigitte took of her office mandrill while in D.C. It’ s the only time she’s been relevantly funny that she can think of.



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