Fretful Foreign Policy (4/20/17)

When we say fretful we definitely mean it.

Now, the Pop portion is actually quite enjoyable. We spend some time updating you on the live action Disney franchise and the new news from the Star Wars part of the world. The Last Jedi officially has a teaser trailer, but, of course, not a release date. We also dub J.K. Rowling the queen of twitter, she didn’t need us to do it, but we did it anyway.

Then we forgo all optimism as Brigitte specifically descends deep into pessimism, especially with regard to Foreign Policy. We touch on Rep Chaffetz’s radically unexpected news and other domestic craziness before moving on to the rapidly escalating world of foreign Policy. North Korea, Iran, Turkey and Venezuela are all starting, or continuing, to fall apart. So that’s all very exciting. Brigitte’s not too optimistic about continued existence today, but hopefully there will continue to be hope somewhere in the world

Our Soapbox this week centers around an increased dialogue about suicide and sexual assault. So not so much a soapbox as a “hallelujah we’re talking about important things”.



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