On the Move (6/15/17)

This episode comes to you direct from Brigitte’s car as Stew, Emily and Brigitte head out to celebrate the marriage of dear friends Jaimee and Trevor.

First we give you our glowing reviews of Wonder Woman (you should all go see it), before moving on to superhero Black Panther and the fact that LA is lighting up a for real bat signal in honor of Adam West. Taylor Swift put her music back on streaming service, and Katy Perry is going to be a judge on American Idol. Followed by a discussion of the Voldemort movie.

Politics are really on the move this week. The British elections are still hanging in the balance, and the French elections are . . . interesting. Trump held his first cabinet meeting. There was a huge fire in London, and the Russian investigation intensifies. Of course we couldn’t finish this week’s news without talking about the prisoner released from North Korea and the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the podcasts we mentioned in our podcast:

Deep State Radio



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